Blockchain Awards

Blockchain related Awards/Honors

  • Malta Blockchain Summit- November 2nd 2018- ICO Pitch Competition winner
  • Seaside Startup Summit March 2018-Winner First Place (Mobile Category)
  • Blockchain Stars TV Show- represented AEToken during filming of the “Shark Tank” style show, where I pitched the company and successfully advanced to the next round.
  • FIIRE Award- represented AEToken

Other Awards & Honors

Honors received in other aspects my career

  • Asian Scientist Writing Prize July 2015-1 of 24 winners selected by five judge panel and supported by the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, National University of Singapore and Singapore University of Technology and Design among
  • Singapore Patent – August 24 2007- A system and method for recording television and/or radio programmes via the internet- PCT/SG2007/000277
  • Startup Singapore (First National Technopreneurship Competition at Singapore) Won $10,000/- award to develop PerceptiveI (Formerly Smartseller) consisted of four people and our plan involved developing Innovative technology targeting the eCRM and mCRM industries.
  • “Best Business Plan”-Sybase Singapore- Global Entrepreneurs Challenge, Stanford California USA
  • Featured on com’s ‘Achiever Track’. - A list of Achievers- March 2000- Previous selectees included Sabeer Bhatia (founder of Hotmail) and Actress/Director Sanjana Kapoor among others.
  • Won the ‘Childnet International Award’- December 1999 in the Individual Category for org. Award recognized projects that benefit children and foster international cooperation. The event was held in Barbados, televised by SKY Television, UK. and the award was given out by the President of Barbados